And also special sessions will take place in St Mary’s Church

Norwalk, CT Scallywags of all ages can step into a world of swashbuckling rogues, dastardly villains, infamous she pirates and wicked wenches on July 20 and 21 when purchasing a ferry ride ticket to Sheffield Island for the annualPirates Weekendhosted by theSeaport Associationin Norwalk. Toth Ferry for a cruise to Sheffield Island. Arriving on the Island, guests will be greeted and entertained by a roving gang of rowdy pirates.

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buy canada goose jacket Are underwater. But look at the federal government’s flood insurance maps, and many of them are in what’s called areas of minimal flood risk. That’s because the maps are old sometimes 50 years old or more. The main stage will be the Brick Barn off the backpackers hostel courtyard, with the smaller Backpackers Stage in the courtyard. There will be an acoustic stage in the Orchard Tent by the pop up shops at Dalegate market. And also special sessions will take place in St Mary’s Church. buy canada goose jacket

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