Best Performing Professional PG College Award 2018

  About Department  

P.G. Dept of Chemistry was started during the year 1990-200. The dept. offers organic chemistry as a special branch Organic chemistry is an important discipline in chemi8stry. It has a number of advantages compared to the other branches because students can secure employment in teaching as sell as in industry. There are a lot of chances in research and development departments (R & D), production divisions and quality control department. In the state of A.P. there are number of institutions like Reddy labs AVRA Labs., Aurobindo laboratories, Defence laboratories, Public sector enterprises which require post graduates in chemistry.

P.G. Department of Chemistry has the distinction of providing g practical facilities fully for the P.G. students. It is a tribute to the management that it is providing three laboratories.

1. Laboratories for first and second semester students.

2. Labouratory for organic chemistry special branch.

3. Instrumentation laboratoy.

These facilities are proving very useful for imparting practical instructions to students.