Best Performing Professional PG College Award 2018

  About Department  

An understanding of the physical principles governing the Universe, objects in the Universe (astro, macro and micro) inter and intra forces acting amo0ng various molecules in constituent matter in the objects of universe need basic knowledge of physics and the amenities provided in the modern world are but the fruits of the researches in the modern fields of research in physics. The communication facilities that we are enjoying today re but the fruits of the researches in the modern fields. In a word, physics is for the world and the world is by the physics.

The importance of physics at P.G. level is very well appreciated by the management of TJPS College, Guntur and M.Sc. Physics course was started in the year 195 as sequence of P.G. Courses started by the management like M.C., M.B.A., M.Sc in Information Sciences and M.Sc Electronics.

The Department of Physics provides an in take of 30 students and offers training in all modern branches of physics, conducting seminars and creating opportunities for students to take part in discussions in seminars, there by increasing their communication skills. Besides committed teachers, guest lecturers from reputed institutions like Indian Institute of Technology, Central universities and Universities near and far in A.P. visit the college and interact with the students. The trained students in Physics often get university ranks and are absorbed in various higher institutions.

The students from our college are also encouraged to take up projects in physics in institutions like Vikramsarabhai space centre, Trivandrum and are also selected for Pre Ph.D. programmes iln Plasma Research Institute of Gandhi Nagar.

The Department is at present offering condensed matter physics as special subject and is contemplating to start another special subject like Medicinal physics or Biophysics and research in Polymer Physics Semi Conductor Medical physics, Statistics Physics and Program Physics.