Grievance Committee Prof. Y.P. Rama Subbaiah OMBUDSMAN Prof. E. Srinivasa Reddy Member Prof. A. Prameela Rani Member Prof. V. Chandra Sekhara Rao Member Prof. P. Siddaih Member Ring Road, Guntur 522006  AP India
Grievance Redressal All grievances are to be received by the Public Grievances  Cell.  This cell will go through the grievances received and send  the grievances to the concerned officer for appropriate action.   The complaint is also informed about the name and address of the  officer and the Bureau to whom/which, the complaint has been  forwarded for further action/redressal.  Even in cases where the  petition does not contain a grievance and no action is warranted,  a reply should be sent to the petitioner apprising him of the  factual position.  It shall also be the duty of PG Cell to shift  general complaints/grievances from the complaints involving  vigilance matters shall be forwarded to the Chief vigilance Officer  for further action.  Complaint pertaining to personnel matter  should be forwarded to Director(Admin) for redressal.