Aided Section M.Com Unaided Section M.Com M.B.A. M.C.A. M.Sc( Physics ) M.Sc( Computer Science ) M.Sc( Chemistry ) M.Sc( Mathematics ) M.A( English ) Ring Road, Guntur 522006  AP India In the wake of globalization and the crying need  for employees conversant with good communication  skills in English, the importance of teaching and  learning of English has assumed magnificent  proportions. There is an all-pervasive awareness of the  need for acquiring better English knowledge for greater  employability. Towards this end, India has been making  an unprecedented effort to inculcate in students and  employable youth, the spirit of refining their language  skills. It is in tune with this trend, our college launched  the M.A. English course in the academic year 2008-09.   Students of all the four Batches that have come  out with flying colours, all  with first classes, and most  of them found placement as teachers and lectures of  English in Degree and Engineering Colleges. However,  some of the students have sought professional courses  for additional qualifications and better career  possibilities.