Aided Section M.Com Unaided Section M.Com M.B.A. M.C.A. M.Sc( Physics ) M.Sc( Computer Science ) M.Sc( Chemistry ) M.Sc( Mathematics ) M.A( English ) Ring Road, Guntur 522006  AP India Today, the management education is at the center stage, responsible  for bringing about a transformation in the economy and society of nation  by producing globally competent and competitive managers.  The demand  for professionally trained young executives with good knowledge base  and ability to cope with complex problems is on the increase in the  business and industry.  Apart from the national institutes of management,  there are few full-fledged business studies departments in our country  striving to provide rich quality managerial inputs required by the industry.  The P.G. Department of  Commerce and Management Studies, TJPS  College, Guntur started offering M.Com. course in the year 1974 and MBA  in the year 1986.  Over the last three decades, the department has earned  excellent reputation for its academic accomplishments.  The teaching  faculty are highly qualified and are in the constant endeavor to acquire  expertise in the new areas and keep abreast with the changes that are  taking place  Click thumbnail to enlarge Buildings Labs Events Amenities