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Aided Section M.Com Unaided Section M.Com M.B.A. M.C.A. M.Sc( Physics ) M.Sc( Computer Science ) M.Sc( Chemistry ) M.Sc( Mathematics ) M.A( English ) The country’s ability to become an  economic power to greater extent depends  upon the role of the students of commerce and  business. Based upon this premise the college  started offering M.Com course in 1974-75.  Education in this department is  essentially a student-faculty cooperative  enterprise in which the students aim to master  the skills and concepts to which they are  exposed while the faculty members strive to  lead the students acquire perfect knowledge.  Students can pursue their students in an  atmosphere which is conducive to growth both  academic and personal.  The faculty of commerce is one of the oldest  faculties of TJPS College.  TJPS College is on  the few affiliated college which has research  guidance facility.  The research supervisors in  the department are approved by the Acharya  Nagarjuna University.