Incubation Centre

Tellakula Jalayya Polisetty Somasundaram College: Guntur started the “Incubation Centre” for nurturing and overseeing innovation and entrepreneurship. The aim is to encourage entrepreneurship among students with the colleges serving as focal point. It is a platform for nurturing, encouraging and developing innovation and entrepreneurial skills among its students, research scholars and alumni.

Entrepreneurship in India is on the verge of explosive growth. Angel investors, venture capital, media, startup clubs, service providers, mentors and training companies are going to grow. And one important cog in the wheel is the incubator – the place where startups are born. When a baby is born, he/she is kept in the incubator for first few hours and maybe days – this gives them a chance to adjust to outside environment, and grow stronger before they face the outside world ! In a similar way, a startup is incubated in Incubation Center, which gives them a chance to bring their business in shape, before they reach out to the world.

The growth path of IT industry in Andhra Pradesh is only looking better and wider. After witnessing phenomenal growth in last two decades, IT continues to grow its share both in revenue and job creation, better than any other industry and any other state in IT sector.


  1. To create jobs, wealth and business aligning with national priorities
  2. To promote the new technology/knowledge/innovation based startups.
  3. To provide a platform for visualization of technologies developed by the host institution or by any academic/technical/R&D institution
  4. To build a vibrant startup ecosystem, by establishing a network between academia, financial institution, industries and other institutions.
  5. To provide cost effective, value added services to startups like mentoring, legal, technical, intellectual property related services.


  1. To encourage Entrepreneurship and innovation and incubation of ideas.
  2. To orient and train students for taking up entrepreneurship
  3. To hold business idea- Plan , events and competitions to develop innovative ideas
  4. To create an industry connect platform by collaboration with nearby organizations through Memorandum of Understandings (MOU’s)
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